Forum Golf Society

If Carlsberg had a Golf Society, it would be this one !


Welcome to the Forum Golf Society. Started in January 2008 with a view to playing a variety of different types of organised golf days, including individual Medal & Stablefords, Pairs competitions and Team "fun" events such as Texas Scrambles & Irish Fourballs at courses local to the Albox / Arboleas area, the society plays at least twice a month & now has over 200 members.

Handicaps are regulated in accordance with the Spanish Golf Federation, and are updated after all qualifying events.

Membership now costs just €11 per calendar year, to join either come along to one of the events listed on our fixture list, or come and see us at Maloans Bar / Restaurant opposite the BP garage in Albox between 10.30 & 11.30 on the Saturday before an event, this is also the closing date for booking & paying for the event.

The cost of each event is the green fee negotiated with the golf club, plus a   €5 contribution to the day's prize fund, which is returned in full as prizes to the value of that day's fund. We require events to be paid for in advance, but if it becomes neccessary to cancel for any reason a full refund will be given provided that you inform us at least an hour before the first group tee off. 

For further information contact Richard Price  e-mail


All Forum events  after the society championship on October 6th 2017 up to and including the society championship competitions in October 2018 count towards the Claret Jug

The Claret Jug League Top 30 as at 3rd March 2018 

Claret Jug League 
1 Bob Cowan 109.0
2 Malcolm Sibbons 95.8
3 Kevin Bircher 87.0
4 Ron Wileman 77
5 Richard Price 70.5
6 John Kimberley 70.0
7 Russell Yuill 67.25
8 Brian Gyer 65.3
9 Yvonne Mackay 57.5
10 Peter Tinsley 57.3
11 Paul Weight 57.25
12 Byron Sherlock 51.8
13 John Bridgen 51.0
14 Jim  Bridge 47.8
15 Max Gonzales 47.5
16 Dawn Colley 47.3
17 Fran Elam 46.3
18 Adrian Lawrence 45.3
19 Joy Blake 44.3
20 Marie Vickers 40.5
21 Dave White 39
22 Reno Palagano 38.3
23 Jim  Barclay 34.3
24 Graham Tabberer 33.5
25 Malcolm Tilley 28.8
26= John Mills 28.5
26= Dave Vickers 28.5
28 Barry McKay 24.3
29 Ann Lawrence 22.8
30 John Smith 21.5




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